A Heart to Heart

A bright summer’s day lunch conversation… I’ll take you there mid-talk. Henry: “Well, someone did say a bad word while I was there.” Me: “What was the word?” Henry: “You want me to SAY IT?” Me: “If you want to.” Short pause while he considers uttering his first swear word. Henry: “It was….[in a whisper] FLUNKING.” […]

Ophelia Turns 1

Over her first year of life Ophelia has developed an affinity for cats. Other things too, like her blanket, FaceTime, strawberries, backwashing into my cup, unfolding piles of folded clothes, and reaching for sharp knives and marbles. But cats are her favorite. Her first word was Kitty. So it seemed only fair that we should have a cat present at her first […]

How to be a Domestic Goddess

If, like me, you aspire to become a domestic goddess, keeper of the home, queen of the laundry, and empress of the crock pot, take out a pen and paper I am here to share my secrets. 1. Always Make A Homemade Birthday Cake Birthdays are a time to show your heartfelt appreciation for another. If […]

Waking up on the West Coast

Recently we traveled to Southern California. We spent two days being super-tourists, wearing too much sunscreen (except me, see below) and buying souvenirs and four more days enjoying the sweet company of 90 degree weather and our extended family. Here are the abbreviated highlights: Day one: Mark took 400 pictures of our rental car, a […]

This Weekend I got Scared but Henry Comforted Me

Some benefits of working part-time at night at a desk include: getting dressed, listening to adult Pandora stations, interacting with other adult humans, and filling out those Buzz-Feed quizzes without anyone bothering me. The cons: sometimes this happens… A GIANT bug landed on my note pad. Just typing that makes me shudder. When it happened […]