This Weekend I got Scared but Henry Comforted Me

Some benefits of working part-time at night at a desk include: getting dressed, listening to adult Pandora stations, interacting with other adult humans, and filling out those Buzz-Feed quizzes without anyone bothering me. The cons: sometimes this happens…


A GIANT bug landed on my note pad. Just typing that makes me shudder. When it happened I calmly squealed, tried to brush it away, and then quickly took a picture of it and texted it to Henry (because he loves bugs). The gross little thing was so annoying and sticky it stuck to my note pad as a tried desperately to fling it onto the floor. Henry, who was home/bug-free, responded to my text:

“That’s a stink bug.”
And then me: “What?! How do you know? Will it stink??”
“Don’t vacuum it.”
“Ok, what should I do?
Then Henry calmly walked me through the steps of how to get rid of stink bug without it emitting any disgusting chemical smells. I had to find it (gross) and put it in a cup (eeekk) and bring it outside to freeze (!!). Thanks Henry. The only problem was, after I finally flicked it onto the floor, I could not find it. So I spent the night at work hunched over in various corners with a flashlight looking for this bug, petrified I would accidentally step on it and be marked with its noxious oder for the rest of time.

I never found the bug.

When I got home that night I told Henry I might have nightmares about stink bugs. He responded with something very cute and sweet, he said:

“I can sleep with you if you want. If you wake up I will show you there are no stink bugs here…..our house is to cold for stink bugs to survive.”


And with that I went blissfully to sleep knowing we are too cheap to ever have an infestation of stinkbugs at our house. Hallelujah.

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