Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

This is a holiday I do not celebrate, probably because I’m not at all Irish and sit comfortably in the minority of people who hate parades. The noise! The crowds! It also brings back memories of that sour tradition of tracing small gold footprints in search of an elusive elf that trashed your classroom but was sure to have a pot full of your favorite candy.  Only, NO ONE EVER FOUND HIM. Years of searching! It was enough to kick my belief in the tooth fairy and all her magic friends to the curb.

But just to get myself in the spirit I wanted to share a story Henry wrote for school this week:

Once upon a time there was a leprechaun and a lion. The lion lived in a secret closet. The lion said “are you magic?” he said.
“Maybe” said the leprechaun. “I have a parade in my pocket, you would like that to. What color is my hair? Red, yellow, green, purple, gold?”

The End.

Does this leprechaun sound dishonest to you, or is it just me? Maybe Henry is trying to tell me something. This weekend I will be looking for a small man with a parade in his pocket and questionable hair-color, if anyone wants to join me.

Here are some old pictures of a pensive Henry before he was to become a great Irish story-teller. Have a happy weekend. xo






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One thought on “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

  1. ha! i know how you feel about st. patty’s day – it’s like cinco de mayo when everyone want to be mexican so they can drink margaritas and eat guacamole. ;)

    henry’s story, by the way is AWESOME. that boy has got a serious imagination and he already makes a good teller of tales. you’ve got to foster that!


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