Passing Along Good Genes

Ever wonder why some people use pictures of their kids’ faces instead of their own for their profiles? Could it be that they are so overwhelmingly proud of their offspring that they can’t help but saturate the Internet with proof? Maybe. Could it be that their kids are such a big part of their day-to-day that leaving them out would seem unfaithful? Perhaps. These are both good reasons but, for me, I use my kids to avoid moments of sheer panic that surface when I’m confronted with a picture of myself. My kids are so much cuter than me!  When I was in 9th grade a member of the yearbook staff stopped me in the hall to kindly let me know that I wasn’t very photogenic, was I? To which I dutifully agreed and avoided all cameras ever since. This is also the reason I opted out of making a Facebook movie recounting my most precious snapshots of 2013. But since “modeling” behaviors I want to encourage is my #1 parenting philosophy and because #selfies are becoming essential for the evolutionary survival of humanity, here I present you with a few photos that did not make it onto the internet this year…



2. #makinggingerbreadcookies

photo-6 2

3. “One hour after a very short road race.”


4. This is me apparently about to perform a medieval cesarean on Mark’s unborn baby.


The Art of a Great Selfie. See? My kids are already getting the hang of it.







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